LabVIEW Development 
As a Certified LabVIEW Developer with more than ten years of experience developing LabVIEW applications I can create reliable, maintainable and expandable programs for your data acquisition and analysis and machine control projects. †To learn more about National Instrumentsí certification program click here. † 
I develop projects for the LabVIEW development environment, the LabVIEW Real-Time environment and for stand-alone operation. †With a stand-alone deployment, you do not need to purchase a copy of LabVIEW to run the program. 
Examples of LabVIEW projects: 
Multipurpose data collection and analysis cart for a development lab (complete system design and construction) 
Interactive motion system interface for automated brazing equipment (interface and stepper drives) 
10 station product tester (four complete systems deployed) click here for details 
Programs to browse and display test data 
Interface for automated dispensing equipment 
Control system for laboratory wind tunnel (software and hardware) 
Control and analysis program to coordinate motion systems with high speed data acquisition (software and DAQ hardware) 
Services Provided: 
Design and assembly of complete control and data analysis systems 
Defining/specifying hardware (DAQ boards, sensors, signal conditioning, motion systems, I/O modules) 
Developing LabVIEW programs 
Integrating hardware with LabVIEW 
Updating existing LabVIEW programs 
Migrating existing LabVIEW programs to the latest release 
Support of in-house LabVIEW programmers 
Hardware and Interfaces Used: 
PCI, PXI, USB, RS232, Ethernet 
LabVIEW Real-Time systems 
Multifunction data acquisition 
Simultaneous analog input and output 
Digital I/O 
NI FieldPoint 
Pulse counters 
Agilent 34970A data acquisition/switch unit 
Kistler amplifiers 
Delta Tau PMAC servo controller 
Parker 6K stepper motor controller 
IMS Panther stepper controller 
Kepco remotely controlled DC power supplies 
Watlow limit controllers 
Setra pressure sensors 
Custom control boards