Production Tester 
The product tester below is one of four complete systems deployed for a client.  It is capable of testing 10 units at a time and can handle any mixture of part numbers and test specs.  All test data are logged to product specific files and test results are passed to the client's QC system. 
Main Control Enclosure (interior view) 
All data acquisition and tester control is handled by the main control enclosure using National Instruments FieldPoint modules. Each channel/leg monitors three thermocouples, four analog signals, one RPM input and one switch input, and controls two indicators and one power supply.  The main control enclosure is connected to the satellite enclosures and the test fixtures using thermocouple extension cables and off-the-shelf computer cables. 
Satellite Enclosure (interior view) 
The unit under test and/or a test fixture is attached to one of ten satellite tester enclosures.  A test is initiated by pressing a button on the top of the enclosure or by the use of a remote switch connection on the back of the enclosure.  The status and results of the test are indicated by red and green lights on the top of the enclosure. 
View of  the Main Operating Screen 
All 10 test stations are monitored and controlled by the LabVIEW based test program on the PC connected to the main control enclosure.  The indicators on the screen mimic the lights on each satellite enclosure and detailed information for each test is displayed.  Some of the panel details have been altered to maintain client confidentiality.