Steve Morris 
Data and Control Solutions, Inc.  
3 Pine Arden Drive, West Boylston, MA 01583 · 508-797-2808 · 
Business Mission 
To help my clients unravel engineering challenges, expand engineering capabilities, and improve their manufactured products and engineering and manufacturing processes and organizations 
Industries Served 
Medical Instruments •· Industrial Sensors • Semiconductor Equipment • Ink Jet Printers • Metal Stamping • Machining • Precision Mechanical Assembly • Plating • Cleanroom Assembly • Heatshrink Tubing • Food Service Equipment • Sporting Goods • Thermal Management Products • Engineering Test Equipment • Piezo Pumps • Research and Development 
Industry Experience 
20+ years experience as a manufacturing and design engineer • 6 years experience managing manufacturing engineers and manufacturing operations 
Engineering Degrees and Certification 
MSMSE    Stanford University, Stanford, CA 
 Master of Science, Manufacturing Systems Engineering.  
(A joint Mechanical Engineering Design and Industrial Engineering program) 
Areas of special study:  DFM and Manufacturing Processes. 
BSChE      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 
Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering. 
CLD        National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Developer 
Examples of Projects Completed 
Automated Equipment Design and Fabrication 
LabVIEW programming and system design • LabVIEW Real-Time • NI FieldPoint • Custom micro-controller system design and fabrication • Heat sink production testers • Heatpipe production tester • Stamping press motion profiling • Heat sink wind tunnel testers • PID control • Power control and measurement • Flow measurement and control 
Fixtures, Tools and Processes Designed 
Hot plate soldering equipment, fixtures and processes • Semi-automatic fixture for flushing parts with acetone in a cleanroom • Lamination fixtures • Pneumatic sheer for cutting metal laminates • Heatpipe production evacuation and reflux vacuum subsystem • Spray trays for robotic spraying of fragile parts • Milling fixtures • Cleaning fixtures • Inspection fixtures • Tools for cleaning .010” Ψ passages • Evaluated engineering process and developed roadmap for scale up 
Product and Process Cost Reduction 
Redesigned electro-mechanical subassembly reducing the cost by 60% • Converted machined parts to sand and investment castings with savings up to 75% • Converted refractory metal parts to powder metal fabrication reducing the cost by 80% • Respecified components of a high vacuum system to remove unnecessary features and reduce cost • Provided manufacturability input to new product designs • Implemented plating line process improvements and developed new production equipment that reduced gold usage 10% through the reduction of process variability 
Cost and Process Modeling and Analysis 
Modeled and analyzed the production cost of machined graphite parts • Analyzed manufacturing plant cycle time • developed tools to track and guide cycle time improvements and recommended technical and procedural improvements to ease production bottlenecks • Developed spreadsheet for transforming true position data between two different datum schemes and graphically displaying results • Analyzed process technology development required for an unusual powder metal product • Identified major cost reduction opportunities in high-end consumer sporting goods product lines • Improved spreadsheet based MRP system • Evaluated whether to move an assembly operation to Mexico or to automate it in place 
Equipment and Supplier Selection and Evaluation 
Specified and purchased manufacturing and lab equipment (CNC milling machines, ultrasonic cleaning line, scanning electron microscope) • Identified and evaluated new suppliers • Specified and located used manufacturing equipment 
Reliability Improvements 
Redesigned ink handling system to reduce pump failures • Resolved reliability issues during the product introduction of a handheld infrared medical thermometer • Managed the resolution of reliability issues during the product launch of a blood analyzer 
Project and Operations Management 
Coordinated the design and outfitting of an 1100ft2 cleanroom used for ink jet printhead assembly • Served as Interim Operations Director for sporting goods manufacturer during peak production season • Identified methods for reducing seasonal employee turnover